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Pierre Chareau

Pierre Chareau
1883 - 1950

The French Architect and designer Pierre Chareau first captured the attention of the public with a work that he exhibited at the Autumn Show and the Artist- Decorator’s society in the years immediately after the First World War. He also worked on the design of the French Embassy building that was exhibited in Paris in 1925, and subsequently divided his time between design and architectural work, such as the Beauvallon Golf Club (1927), the interior of the Grand Hotel De Tours (1929) and his “ Maison de Verre ” (1928-31), so-called because of the innovative use of external glass tiles. He was a member of the Union of Modern Artists right from its foundation in 1930. His wooden and metal chair, stool, table and cupboard designs, where greatly praised by the publications of the time for their functional approach and the studied combination of elegance and technical brilliance.