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Art. 104

Silla. Estructura de tubo de acero cromado o lacado. Asiento y respaldo de regilla vegetal, sobre marco y brazos de haya natural, lacada de negro o de blanco.

This model is undoubtedly the work of Breuer even though he incorporated elements which were not new. The seat and back of the cane version are a clear reference to the wooden chairs of Thonet. The idea of the staright-legged cantilever is usually attributed to Mart Stam (see model 144). As the result of a law suit which began in 1929, the German Courts attributed all cantilevers to Stam. However, this model is generally referred to as the "Breuer chair". In the 1960's the chair was named after Breuer's daughter Cheska and is now commonly called the "cesca".
The early cantilevers of Stam, Lorenz and Mies and sling seats and backs of canvas which required that the two sides of the frame be joined at he upperback with a horizontal bar and that there be a steel support under the seat to keep the legs apart. Instead, both the cane and upholstered versions of this model have a rigid seat and back which allow the elimination of both the horizontal piece at the upper back and the steel support under the seat. The result is a chair of great simplicity and formal elegance.

Altura: 77,5 cm (30,5")
Altura asiento: 45 cm (17,7")
Ancho: 47 cm (18,5")
Profundidad: 56 cm (22")

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