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Art. 135

Sillón. Estructura de tubo de acero cromado o lacado. Asiento, respaldo y brazos en cuero, potro o lana + cuero.

This was Breuer's first tube chair and is sometimes referred to as the first tubular steel chair. However, Gerhard Stüttgen presented a cantilever in 1923 and a U.S. Patent was granted to someone named Harry Nolan for a tubular steel chair of Breuer is certainly the oldest tubular chair still in production. This chair is usually called the Wassily because it was allegedly designed for Wassily Kandinsky's Bauhaus apartment. This model underwent a number of revisions from its first appearance in 1925. The current version is from 1927. This chair was first produced by Standard-Möbel, a company founded by the Hungarian architect, Kalmar Lengyel, along with Breuer, with the specific intention of marketing Breuer's metal furniture. In 1929, Standard-Möbel was absorbed by Thonet.

Altura: 72 cm (28,3")
Ancho: 79 cm (31,1")
Profundidad: 70 cm (27,6")

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