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Art. 137

Tumbona de madera de arce compensada y curvada. Cojin tapizado.

In 1931 Jack Pritchard, Wells Coats and others formed the Isokon Company, an enterprise dedicated to the application of modern functional design to the construction of house, apartment buildings, furniture, etc. In 1935, the Isokono Furniture Company was formed. At the suggestion of Groups, Pritchard involved Breuer in the project, In 1935, Isokon began producing the "long chair" of Breuer. This bent plywood lounge was closely based on an aluminum lounge designed by Breuer in 1932 and put into production in 1933 by Embru-Werke AG, Switzerland.

Altura: 81 cm (31,9")
Ancho: 65,5 cm (25,8")
Profundidad: 141 cm (55,5")

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