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Art. 149

Carrito. Estructura de tubo de acero cromado. Bandejas de laminado negro o blanco.

Breuer's serving cart first appeared with spoked wheels in the Thonet Catalogue of 1930-1931. It was identified as model B54. In all probability this spoked wheel version was a prototype photion. The prototype was modified and the cart that was put into production in 1930 had disc wheels. There seems to be no evidence that the earlier version with spoked wheels was ever put into production.
The cart with three disc wheels was shown in 1930 at the Salon des Artistes Decorateurs in Breuer's "apartment for a boarding house hotel" which was part of the visiting Deutscher Werkbund exhibition. It was also shown in 1931 at the Berlin Bau-Ausstellung in Breuer's "Sportsman's house".
In the Thonet Catalogue of 1932, the cart with three wheels is replaced by a modified four wheel version identified as B54/4. This cart is not attributed to Breuer. The cart is no longer present in the Thonet Catalogue of 1935 in either the original three wheel version or the modified four wheel verison. Instead, the catalogue presents a series of very ordinary serving carts with small wheels. These are not attributed to any designer. This probably indicates that the Breuer cart is no longer in production. However, the three wheeled cart appears in photographs of 1936 of the London apartment (Highgate) designed by Breuer and Francis Reginald Yorke for Mrs. Ventris.
To our knowledge the present production is the only one since the original production of Thonet in the early 1930's.

Altura: 80 cm (31,5")
Ancho: 110 cm (43,3")
Profundidad: 51 cm (20")

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