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Art. 365

Sillón. Estructura de pletina de acero cromada brilla o mate. Cinchas de cuero. Cojines de espuma tapizados.

This chair was designed for the Tugendhat house in Brno, Czechoslovakia. Three of these were used in the living room together with three of the chairs previously designed for the Barcelona Pavilion (model 334). This chair with its cantilever base was obviously intended to be a more confortable version of the Barcelona chair and a substitute for the overstuffed upholstery traditionally considered necessary in the living room of an upper class familiy. Both the flat steel version and the tubular version of this model were not put into production by Thonet who was the next producer of the furniture of Mies. In 1964, an armless version in flat steel was put into production by Knoll Associates. It was again out of production by the early 1980's. To our knowledge this present reproduction is the only one currently available on the commercial market.

Altura: 88 cm (34,6")
Ancho: 77 cm (30,3")
Profundidad: 78 cm (30,7")

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