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Art. 409

Mesita. Estructura de tubo de acero cromado. Sobre de cristal.

This table was designed by Eileen Gray as a bedside breakfast table for the guest room of E-1027, the villa which she and Jean Badovici designed at Roquebrune in 1927.
Badovici, a Roumanian intellectual, was a friend of  and apparently the person most responsible for convincing Eileen Gray to turn to architecture. He was editor of l'Architecture Vivante which published a special number on the house at Roquebrune entitled "E-1027 Maison en Bord de Mer". The name E-1027 was a cryptogram containing the initials of the two designers. The E was for Eileen. The number 10, 2 and 7 stood for the letteers of the alphabet, J, B an G.

Altura: 62 / 100 cm (24,4" / 39,4")
Diámetro: 51 cm (20")

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