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Art. 505

Butaca de madera de abedul compensada y curvada. Asiento lacado blanco o negro.

Although this chair is generally referred to as the "Paimio Chair", it was not produced specially for the sanitorium at Paimio as the name would indicate. It received its name because it was developed during the period when Aalto was working on the design of the sanitorium.
In 1929, Aalto met a Finnish furniture manufactured. The collaboration that followed, in which architectural design skill came together with practical, industrial know-how created the condition in which the first wooden furniture of Aalto was produced.

Altura: 64 cm (25,2")
Altura asiento: 27 cm (10,6")
Ancho: 60 cm (23,6")
Profundidad: 80 cm (31,5")

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