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Art. 619

Mesa de juego. Estructura de haya maciza disponible en haya natural, teňido cerezo o teňido roble. Sobre reversible, un lado en madera y el otro en paňo verde.

As far as we have been able to determine, the present whereabouts of this table is unknown. It is known to us only from a photograph of the 1930’s. Nor have we been able to identify the interior design project for which it was intended. It is possible that it was made as a stock item for Frank’s shop at rue due Faubourg Saint – Honorè. At any rate, the game table with extendible ash try and glass holder were designed by Dunand, Sognot and Alix, Ruhlmann and Chareau. Certainly, the version by Frank in the simplest and most elegant of all of these.

Altura: 75 cm (29,5")
Ancho: 90 cm (35,4")
Profundidad: 90 cm (35,4")

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