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Art. 699

Mesita. Estructura de tubo y chapa de acero pintado en gris martelado o negro.

Chareau began a collaboration with the iron worker Louis Dalbert in 1924. The result was a series of striking desks, tables, lamps, planters, etc. in which rought iron predominated.
This table appears to have been made for the Maison de Verre and probably dates from around 1929. Chareau had already used the same circular base, on a slightly smaller scale, for an ashtray stand which is shown in a photograph of a decor believed to have been done around 1927.
In 1930, in the hall of the offices of "La Semaine à Paris", Chareau placed a very similiar table with an identical circular base and a fixed top which was attached a circular piece to hold papers.

Altura: 66 cm (26")
Diámetro: 65 cm (25,6")

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