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Art. 716 + 717

Sillón giratorio con patas de aluminio fundido y estructura de madera ompensada y curvada aplacada en palisandro, cerezo o teñido de negro. Cojines y brazos tapizados en tela o piel.

This lounge chair with ottoman is, certainly, not only the best know chair of Charles and Ray Eames but also one of the most famous modern lounge chairs. As a "status symbol" it ranks with the chair of Mies van der Rohe for the Barcelona Pavilion and the Chaise Longue of . Furthermore, it has the well earned reputation of being one of the most luxurious and confortable of all modern chairs. It represents a notable contribution of the Eameses toward the mid-century trend in design away from the austere geometrical forms of early modern design toward sculptural, organic forms.

Altura: 86 cm (33,8")
Ancho: 86 cm (33,8")
Profundidad: 80 cm (31,5")

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