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Art. 799

Mesita. Sobre de madera de cerezo. Una pata de madera y dos patas devarilla cromada.

This low table is not included in the catalogue of Noguchi's works prepared by Namcy Grove and Diane Botnick (the Sculpture of Isamu Noguchi: A Catalogue, Garland Publishing Company, New York, 1980) However, an almost identical dinig-height tAble is catalogued as item 804 and dated 1944. In all probability this coffee table was designed at the same time or slightly afterwards. However, it apparantly was not put into production by Herman Miller Inc. unitl 1949 and remained in production for only a brief time. Very few examples of the original production have survived

Altura: 41 cm (16,1")
Ancho: 130 cm (51,2")
Profundidad: 92 cm (36,2")

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