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Art. 854

Silla de fresno lacado, poro abierto. Asiento tapizado.

This chair was designed for Miss Cranston's Lunch and Tea Rooms on Argyle Street, Glasgow. These high back chairs were used around tables in the center of the tearoom to create a sense of intimacy.
Mackintosh is generally considered an Art Nouveau designer. If we identify modern design with the so called "International Style" of Mies, Breuer, the Bauhaus, etc. then Mackintosh cannot be considered a modern designer. However, Nikolaus Pevsner rightly includes him in his Pioneers of Modern Design since no serious discussion of the origins of modern design can omit Mackintosh. In From Rococo to Cubism (1960) Wylie Sypher points out that Art Nouveau like Rococo was a movement within the decorative arts and, as such, was a development associated with architecture rather than an individual style. It used stylized line and geometric pattern that easily integrated with architecture.As such, it served to clear up the "decorative junk" and led to that unification of decor and architecture characteristic of the modern design movement

Altura: 137 cm (53,9")
Altura asiento: 45 cm (19,7")
Ancho: 49 cm (19,3")
Profundidad: 46 cm (18,1")

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