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Maxime Old

Maxime Old

Maxime Old was born on 13th December 1910 in Maisons-Alfort. Maxime Old, the son and nephew of cabinet-maker, Former pupil of the Boulle School, and had a deep passion for wood, his creations being conceived as sculpture, so that his furnishings are free of decorations or ornaments. He truly learnt the secrets of this fine craft, to which he adds the expressive value of a great technique. He learnt his lesson well from Ruhlmann, so that following his fine example he came to understand the fundamental importance of functionalism, which is able to conceal itself in the purity of the forms and the delicacy of the styling. Maxime Old both studied and created a series of small dressing tables, feminine desks with a series of delicate combinations, dressmaker’s tables, as well as reading desks, according to specific order requirements or for presentation for which he proved skilled in achieving a series of rational, brilliant and pleasing solutions. He is not considered as being an actual furniture technician, except in the odd exceptional case, but proved capable of forming a rapport with the interior design sphere, giving a wide scope for paintings, tapestries and objects that truly personalize the environment.