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Art. 194

Chaise avec structure en tube d'acier chromé; assise et dossier revêtus en peau ou en similcuir.

This chair was designed in 1929 by Wassili and Hans Luckhardt. It was put into production by Desta Stahlmobel in late 1929 or 1930 and appears in the Desta catalogues of 1930 and 1931. Desta supplied thi s model with a lacquered wooden seat and back as well as in an upholstered version. The wooden version could also be had with titl-up seta that reducede the storage volume of the chair. It has been pointed out that this pointed out that this chair rapresents a kind of "second generation" tubular steel chair in that it departs from the simple geometry of the chairs of Breuer and Stam. The models of Breuer and Stam were largely conditioned by economic considerations and tended toward a repetitionof the same curve whenever possible. This gave the chairs of Breuer and Stam an admirable simplicity.The Luckhardts' chair is a radical departure from this practice. The curves of the front of this chair are too wide and irregularly tapered to be made on a bending machine. One had to alternate between the bending machine and a large hydraulic press in a relatively long and complicated process. Consequently, the frame of this chair is more costly than other cantilevers. This is, no doubt, the reason why this striking chair was not put back into production in 1933. Moreover, this anti-economic aspect has prevented other designers from proposing similiar designs and so to this day it has remained umnistakably unique.

Hauteur: 91 cm (35,8")
Hauteur siège: 47 cm (18,5")
Largeur: 54 cm (21,2")
Profondeur: 58 cm (22,8")

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