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Art. 324

Fauteuil avec structure en tube d'acier chromé ou laqué. Coussin enmousse, rembourré et fixés sur sangles de cuir.

This is a lower, "lounge" version of the cantilever of 1926/27. It made its first appearance with the continuous roll and pleat cushion at the Berlin Building Exhibition (Berlin Bau-Ausstellung) in 1931. It was first produced in 1931 by the Bamberg Metallwerkstatten in Berlin. The upholstery solution is generally attributed to Mies's friend and close collaborator Lilly Reich.

Hauteur: 84 cm (33")
Hauteur siège: 47 cm (18,5")
Largeur: 60 cm (23,6")
Profondeur: 88 cm (34,6")

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