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Art. 334

Fauteuil avec structure en acier plat chromé poli ou mat. Assise et dossier rembourrés. Suspension avec sangles de cuir.

This chairs was designed for the Deutscher Werkbund Pavilion at the World Exposition, Barcelona 1929. The chairs were to be used by the King and Queen of Spain who were to make an official visit and sign the guest book. This chair is populary referred to as the "Barcelona Chair".It was first produced by Berliner Metallgewerbe Joseph Muller. In 1931 this production passed to Bamberg Metalwerkstatten, Berlin. The upholstery detailing is generally credited to Lilly Reich.

Hauteur: 75 cm (29,5")
Largeur: 75 cm (29,5")
Profondeur: 77 cm (30,3")

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