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Art. 355

Fauteuil avec structure en acier chromé ou laqué, assise, dossier et accoudoirs rembourrés.

This chair was designed for the dining area of the Tugendhat House, Brno, Czechoslovakia. As with all the furniture of Mies, this chair was first produced by Berliner Metallgewerbe Joseph Muller. In 1931, the production passed, for a very brief period, to Bamberg Metallwerkstatten, Berlin. (see model 345)

Hauteur: 76 cm (29,9")
Hauteur siège: 45 cm (17,7")
Largeur: 58 cm (22,8")
Profondeur: 57 cm (22,4")
Hauteur accoudoir: 65,5 cm (25,8")

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