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Art. 404

Chaise empilable avec structure en tube + tôle d'acier, laquée en plusieurs couleurs. Disponible même avec assise rembourrée.

This chair is usually attributed to Robert Mallet-Stevens since a very similar chair appears in photographs of the kitchen of his Villa Cavroix of 1932 and in photographs of the furnishings of a large restaurant he designed for the 1935 Salon des Arts Ménàgers. However, Maller-Stevens very often used furniture of other designers in his interiors.
Derek Ostergard, in his authoritative, Ben Wood and Metal Furniture: 1850-1946 (American Federation of Arts. New York: 1987) denies the authorship of Mallet-Stevens on stylistic and historical grounds. According to Ostergard, the chairs in the early photographs of the restaurant have different detailing from the chairs which are currently attributed to Mallet-Stevens. Ostergard concludes that the real designer in unknown

Hauteur: 82 cm (32,3")
Hauteur siège: 45 cm (17,7")
Largeur: 45 cm (17,7")
Profondeur: 52 cm (20,5")

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