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Art. 419-439

Petite table avec structure en tube d'acier chromé ou laqué. Plateaux en MDF laqué avec peinture anti-rayures.

Six versions of this small table are known. In all probability, more were made. Some were lacquered while others were done in unpainted plywood. One was veneered. This model was obviously a favorite of Eileen Gray since she placed it in practically every house associated with her name. It appears very conspicuously in the photographs of the main room of E-1027.

Hauteur: 76,5 / 66,5 cm (30,1" / 26,2")
Largeur: 54,5 / 46 cm (21,5" / 18,1")
Profondeur: 64 / 56,5 cm (25,2" / 22,2")

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