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Art. 423

Canapé en bois massif revêtu en mousse. Coussins en plume, recouverts en peau ou tissu. Elements en bois laqué polyestere noir avec roues. Non déhoussable.

In 1919 Eileen Gray began designing the decor for the apartment on rue de Lota of Madame Mathieu Lévy, a successful hat designer who worked under the name of Suzanne Talbot. This commission is generally considered the turning point of her career. The preceeding period was characterized by the use of luxurious materials and somewhat accentric design. If she had continued in this vein she would be considered a "Deco" designer. However, with the apartment on rue de Lota new elements began to appear which foreshadowed the more austere and rigorous direction of her later work.

Hauteur: 87 cm (34,2")
Hauteur siège: 52 cm (20,5")
Largeur: 240 cm (94,5")
Profondeur: 90 cm (35,4")

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