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Art. 424

Chaise avec structure en tube d'acier chromé ou laqué; assise et dossier avec cordes élastiques revêtues de coton noir.

Renè Herbst was a pioneer in the adaptation of simple indutrial materials to furniture design. One of his favorite themes (chaise sandows) was the chair with seat and back formed by stretched elastic bands of the type used to fasten packages to a bicycle.
This was one of the many versions. It was designed in 1929 or 1929. This chair, along with a matching high stool, was presented at the Salon d'Automne, 1929. In all probability, it was first produced by Establissements René Herbst, the company formed by Herbst to produce and market his designs

Hauteur: 95,5 cm (37,6")
Hauteur siège: 46 cm (18,1")
Largeur: 53 cm (20,9")
Profondeur: 48 cm (18,9")

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