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Art. 459

Table avec structure en tube d'acier chromé; joint en aluminium fondu vernis noir.
Plateau en verre, épaisseur 12 mm.

Mitzutani is famous as having been one of the few Japanese students at the Bauhaus. His name appears in the Bauhaus student lists for the first time in the Summer of 1927. A few pieces of sculpture done in connection with a workshop conducted by Joseph Albers have been published. Although this table has never before been produced, photographs of the original wooden model have been published in various photographis collections of Bauhaus furniture.
Little is known of Mitzutani’s stay at the Bauhaus. A photograph taken by Lotte Burkhardt shows Mitzutani, the smallest student at the bauhaus, alogside the tallest student. He returned to Japan before the war and taught at the college at which he had studied, the Tokyo College of Fine Arts (now the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music). He remained Assistant Professor of Architecture until 1944 after which he was a part-time lecturer. He died in 1969

Hauteur: 72 cm (28,3")
Diamètre: 120 cm (47,2")

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