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Art. 469

Table qu'on peut allonger avec structure en tube d'acier chromé. Plateau en stratifié noir ou blanc.

In the Spring of 1922 while Eileen Gray was finishing the apartment on rue de Lota, she opened a showroom on Rue du Faubourg-St.Honoré to sell her work. For some reason, now unknown, this was called "John Désert". This commercial venture sold carpets, lacquered furniture and Eileen Gray's designs of tubular furniture produced in small series. In 1930, this company was closed and she dedicated herself to architecture. This table was one of those pieces designed for Jean Déseert.

Hauteur: 72 cm (28,3")
Largeur: 64 / 128 cm (25,2" / 50,4")
Profondeur: 70 cm (27,5")

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