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Art. 601

Fauteuil en bois massif revêtu en mousse. Coussin assise en mousse et duvet d'oie. Pieds en bois teinté noyer.

This armchair is based on a model used by Frank in the interiors he designed for a Madame Cerf. The idea of the arch-backed armchair did not originate with Frank but was current among designers and decorators of the 1930's. Unlike most for the other contemporary versions, the arc departs from the center of the arm instead of covering the whole back of the chair. Also, unlike a number of other deco versions, the arms are not sloped or tapered and there is no suggestion of streamlining or motion. Instead, this model reflects the quiet, restful elegance typical of the furniture chosen by Frank for his interiors.

Hauteur: 94 cm (37")
Hauteur siège: 50 cm (19,7")
Largeur: 83 cm (32,7")
Profondeur: 80 cm (31,5")

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