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Art. 682

Canapé en bois massif revêtu en mousse, coussin dossier en mousse et duvet d'oie. Coussin assise en mousse et dacron. Déhoussable.

It is extremely difficult to trace the origins of the modern sofa. Unlike metallic tubular furniture, there is no technical break-through that procedes or accompanies the arrival on the scene of the simplified, unadorned, upholstered pieces that we consider "modern". The modern sofa appears to emerge in the period just before the 1920's. The first pieces were, no doubt, considered "advanced" and were produced for the homes of the well-to-do. They were not producied by industries which continued to serve the more ornate, traditional tastes of the masses. Consequently the early examples are not found in the catalogues of industries but rather in photographs of interiors designed by decorators such as Elsie de Wolfe, Syrie Maugham, Jean Michel Frank, etc. By the mid 1920's various distinct basic types are in use. They are the product of a complex interaction of decorators, upholsterers and the tastes of a clientele exposed to the influence of furniture and upholstery in Hollywood film sets. Certainly, upholstered furniture which required no advanced technology and could be executed in small workshops was more subject to gradual change due to the influence of cinema, fashion, etc. than furniture which required the intervention of costly industrial equipment.
This type of sofa in which the arms are at the same height as the black is popularly referred to as the "tuxedo" sofa. In early version, the arms are often curved.
The name comes from Tuxedo Park, an elegant resort near Tuxedo Lake, New York.
In the early part of this century, this trend-setting, fashionable resort also gave its name to the "tuxedo", the midnight blue or black suit with notched silk lapels which became the standard for gentlemen's semi-formal evening dress.

Hauteur: 85 cm (33,5")
Hauteur siège: 44 cm (17.3")
Largeur: 136 cm (53,5")
Profondeur: 85 cm (33,5")

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