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Art. 800

Buffet en frêne laqué noir à pores ouverts avec insertions en nacre et décoration avec panneaux de verre.

This sideboard is part of a series of models (see also models 809,844,845) designed by Mackintosh supposedly for the country home of W.J. Basset-Lowke. They were not produced during the lifetime of Mackintosh and are known only from a pencil and watercolour drawing now in the Glasgow University Collection.
It is intersting to note that the drawing does not show the name of the client nor the site for which these pieces were intended. Billcliffe raises the question that perhaps this furniture was not designed for Basset-Lowke, as generally assumed, but rather for a private room at the Dug Out, a tearoom adjacent to the Willow Tea Rooms.
The design of the stained glass panel in the sideboard is not indicated in the Mackintosh drawing. The present reproduction utilizes Mackintosh’s design of the “weeping rose” as was first used by him in 1900 on the writing desk of the musician, Michael Diak. The weeping rose motif was a favorite of Mackintosh and he used it for other stained glass panels and other cabinets

Hauteur: 152 cm (59,8")
Largeur: 165 cm (65")
Profondeur: 57 cm (22,4")

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