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Art. 825

Trône avec structure en frêne laqué noir à pores ouverts; coussin rembourré. Compartiment interne.

This served as the chair for the director of Miss Cranston’s Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow. It was placed in a position between the front area and the rear area and served visually as a separating point. The grate design in the curved back appears to be a stylized tree and a play on the name of the tearoom. According to Pevsner, the architecture of the Willow Tea Rooms reveals Mackintosh as the “European counterpart of Frank Lloyd Wright” and “one of the few true forerunners” of

Hauteur: 119 cm (46,9")
Hauteur siège: 44 cm (17,3")
Largeur: 94 cm (37")
Profondeur: 41 cm (16,1")

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