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Art. 871

Fauteuil avec structure en frêne laqué noir à pores ouverts avec marqueterie en nacre; assise et accoudoirs rembourrés.

This armchair was made for the “Dug Out”, a tearoom located in the basement adjacent to the Willow Tea Rooms. The fireplace was removed from the front Saloon of the Willow Tea Rooms and a staircase was built in its place that passed down into the basement of the adjacent building. No photographs exist and these details are known from a set of architectural drawings submitted to the local authorities for approval of the structural alterations.
No existing examples of this armchair have been located. The furnishings of this tearoom are known  from a watercolour of 1917 which is in the Glasgow University Collection. This same armchair appears in the drawing of furniture believed to have been designed for the country home of W. Basset Lowke (see models 800,809,844,845)

Hauteur: 84,5 cm (33,3")
Hauteur siège: 34 cm (13,4")
Largeur: 83,5 cm (32,9")
Profondeur: 65 cm (25,6")

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