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Designer Anonymous   The term "sofa" comes from the Arabic word "soffa" which was a term used to describe the raised platform covered with carpets and cushions that was found in Arabic and Turkish homes. The type of furniture which we in the West refer to as a "sofa" is a direct descendant of the…

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Designer Anonymous   It is extremely difficult to trace the origins of the modern sofa. The modern sofa appears to emerge in the period just before the 1920's. The first pieces were, no doubt, considered "advanced" and were produced for the homes of the well-to-do. They were not producied by industries which continued to serve…

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Designer Hoffmann, year 1910   This model was first produced for an exposition in Buenos Aires. Hoffmann was know for his fondness for geometric design and his relentless use of the square. For this reason his architecture was ironically referred to as “Quadratlistil” 631 (Kubus) Armchair with wooden frame covered with cold shaped polyurethane foam.…

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Designer Hoffmann, year 1911   This model was designed for the Kohler house in 1911. It is a reproportioning of an earlier model designed for the vestibule of the Palais Stoclet, Bruxelles (1905-1911). That earlier model was mounted on wooden legs and, although contrasting decorative piping was used, it was used rather sparingly. 621 Armchair…

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