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The Mvsevm Project division is made up of highly specialized professionals, supported by a wide corporate network.

Mvsevm Projects in the World

Are you an Architect / Designer?

Our company and our showroom are available to architects and interior designers. We provide services aimed at creating a unique design experience consistent with the high-end world. We are waiting for you in the heart of Tuscany.


The Mvsevm Style

Through the contract division, Mvsevm has completed some important projects everywhere in the world. Mvsevm has taken care of the furnishings of public areas, banks, museums, hospitals, libraries, cruise ships and have also followed designs for cafés, restaurants, hotels, residences, nursing homes, schools. Thanks to the active cooperation of architects and designers, the company can now also guarantee large supplies for luxury residential complexes all over the world, with interior decoration and furnishings made by Alivar. It s not easy to succeed in such a complex field like the Contract market, large resources and high flexibility are necessary as well as an extraordinary effort and, most of all, the certainty of instilling the highest trust. The quality of the production, the reputation of the trademark and the efficient organization are the characteristics allowing Alivar to succeed in the Contract market.

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