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Designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh, year 1903 This coat tree was designed for the Room de Luxe of the Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow. The original was painted in silver. Two original examples exist. 860 Coat hanger with frame in open pore stained ash; hooks in black-painted steel. Trays in silver-plated brass. Ø H. 31 201 CM Ø H.…

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Home Designer Otto Blumel, year 1908   It is a sign of the highest culture, if pieces of everyday use become an eye-catcher. Otto Blümels coat rack "Nymhenburg" (designed in 1908 !) is an archetypal classic of its genre, one can imagine in a Parisian bistro as well as in a villa in Salzburg. 480…

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Designer Anonymous, year 1930   This coat tree was a popular item in postwar France. Although the designer is unknown, the design is generally considered to be of French origin. The colored spheres are part of the "atomic age look" of the late 1940's and early 1950's. The metal structure seems to be based on…

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