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Designer The Shakers, year 1830

A Shakers design from the New Lebanon Community circa 1830. The earliest converts to Shakerism often brought furniture with them. These were usually undistinguished vernacular pieces. However, with the increase of converts, the Shakers had begun to produce their own furniture by the mid-1780's. The earliest tables were extremely simple and it was only by the second decade of the 19th century that slightly more complicated forms such as the dropleaf began to be produced. Spray-leggend, drop-leaf tables were rare in the production of the Shakers. This model leaf tables were rare in the production of the Shakers. This model is a reproduction of a particularly beautiful example produced around 1830 in the New Lebanon Church.


Console that can be opened in cherry, wengé, grey, heat-treated, black or natural stained

COD: 69 – Chiuso
L./W. H. D.
93 73 35 CM
W. H. D.
36,6″ 28,7″ 13,8″ IN
COD: 69 – Semi chiuso
L./W. H. D.
93 73 53 CM
W. H. D.
36,6″ 28,7″ 20,9″ IN
COD: 69 – Aperto
L./W. H. D.
93 73 72 CM
W. H. D.
36,6″ 28,7″ 28,3″ IN


The certified quality of Mvsevm’s italian design solutions, all traditionally-made using top-quality materials, becomes the focal point of furnishings where style is an experience to be explored. A collection born from formal creativity and sensibility for materials and a journey into the beauty of contemporary spaces.

Faggio tinto ciliegio

Bleached Beech

Faggio tinto grigio

Faggio tinto termotrattato

Faggio tinto ciliegio

Cherry stained beech

Bleached Beech

Bleached Beech

Faggio tinto grigio

Gray stained beech

Faggio tinto termotrattato

Heat-treated stained beech

Colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. Please visit ALIVAR dealers to see the complete sample collection and get further details about our products.



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